If you are considering renting out your property and you have questions about how to prepare your property to provide a service that meets the expectations of your future tenants, follow the upcoming articles on eleven blog about this topic, let us know they treat. Different aspects of vacation rentals and will try to answer different questions you may have about this.

Idea or option for this season 2021: the possibility for owners is to offer their home for rent to one and the same family for the entire end of this season and the end-of-year celebrations. This strategy will reduce the wear and tear on the property, which can be a problem if the property is occupied by many families who go in and out every week or on the weekend. The owner is therefore assured of occupation.

With this option, tenants can simply leave their belongings there for the duration of the rental and come back whenever they want as they are the only occupants of the place.

A way to spend your weekends and holidays relaxed in safety and with family.