The Lake of Saint Croix is ​​an artificial water reservoir, it was created in 1973, following the construction of the Sainte Croix dam (by EDF). It is supplied with water by the course of the Verdon

The fourth largest water reservoir in France, it supplies a large part of Provence with drinking water, as well as the irrigation of crops, it provides hydroelectric electricity through the dam and to the firefighters (Canadairs) water for the fight against forest fires

The creation requires drowning the village of Salles sur Verdon, which was rebuilt higher up on the banks. The quantity of water retained was also revised downwards in order to spare the villages of Bauduen and Sainte Croix.

Very frequented in summer for the countless leisure activities that can be practiced there such as paddle, pedal boats, canoeing, electric box or sailing, swimming, fishing, hiking or mountain biking or simple walks

Discover the surrounding Provencal villages, Bauduen, Salles sur Verdon, Moustiers Sainte Marie, Sainte Croix or Aiguines and their markets

The Gorges du Verdon also offers their lots of activities such as paragliding, whitewater swimming, climbing or even hiking on the Blanc-Martel or Imbut trails, among others.

Divided into two banks, right bank (Alpes de Haute Provence) and left bank (Var), it is one of the largest canyon in Europe, dug over the centuries by the Verdon

Two exceptional sites to see absolutely