département du Gard 50700 – région Occitanie

en 2020 habitants 8540

marchés : mercredi et samedi

Il existe des villages que l’on peut visiter sans cesse et Uzès en fait immanquablement partie et vous vous trouvez ici dans le premier duché de France, comme en atteste encore divers bâtiments et tours historiques.

The 17th Duke of Uzès still lives in the imposing castle in the center of town, mainly during the summer. Do not hesitate to opt for a (guided) visit and climb to the top of the Bermonde Tower to enjoy a dazzling view of the city.

Next, explore Uzès and stroll past medieval dwellings, cobbled alleys, flourishing gardens, and the Fenestrelle tower. With a fountain and elegant arcades

Place aux Herbes is the ideal place for a shopping session or a gourmet lunch on the terrace.

An autumn day: a short stroll through Uzès

Pont du Gard

N’oubliez pas qu’Uzès se situe à un jet de pierre seulement de l’une des cinq attractions françaises les plus populaires ; le pont du Gard et cet énorme aqueduc parfaitement conservé vaut le coup d’œil, bien entendu !

Accommodation or restaurants

This blog has no vocation to be a tourist guide or directory, nor a gastronomic one. I am simply mentioning a few establishments that I have visited and enjoyed myself or whose reputation I know.

On the other hand in another section of this blog, we give the possibility to the owners of guest houses or tourist establishments to list themselves. This is for information for visitors and tourists looking to stay in the area.

Important note: concerning the hotel d’Arpaillargues near Uzès

The hotel is located in Arpaillargues-et-Aureilhac, a charming little village of around 1000 inhabitants in the immediate vicinity of Uzès.

Hôtel château d’Arpaillargues

In all the guides, except of course the famous Red Guide, this establishment is wonderfully rated with positive comments and offered at promotional rates that will dream. With this blog, the idea is to inspire you rather positively, but this bad experience I still wanted to share.

This beautiful 18th century house, very well lit at night, is very photogenic, the location is idyllic. A car park, a swimming pool, two beautiful terraces, one for lunch the other for dinner.

Not difficult to be seduced and be had.

As a hotel it is a real nightmare. During my entire stay there was no hot water (we were waiting for the plumber). The bathroom was really dirty and the taps were messy and not a bit. At the reception I was offered to go and wash myself in the shower by the pool. It was a first that they had never done to me before. The key to the small safe in the room was lost … The minibar was empty, there were glasses on the toilet and there was no wifi. Apparently because the walls of the hotel are too thick, but why mention this service if it does not exist. The pool was downright dirty and guarded by several wasp nests. The only advantage is that the clients did not stay on the sun loungers.

As for dinner, it is quite expensive and you have almost no choice. Breakfast is to be avoided, everything is dirty and run down, brrr. As long as there are no renovations and investments made this place should be avoided. If you ever let yourself be seduced to go there anyway you will unfortunately regret it.

Très belle demeure du XVIIIème siècle